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Forton Woodturning Co. Ltd (GB)
Forton Nr.
Preston PR3 RA England
Phone +44 524 - 791345

Hot air heating- / Hot air stove type XXXXXX,
Heating performance: XXXXXXXXXX,

As you can see,
the stoves are sent to Great Britain.
"Quality from Germany" has never been as popular in England as nowadays.
We don't purchase cheap stoves - no, thank you!
Cheap stoves often turn out to be expensive."
This is a well known fact in England.
In our country, however, many people just look at the price and buy rubbish.

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Ducts, piping lines and accessories
are loaded carefully in the plant and then assembled at the installation location as planned.

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Intelligent switchgear technology is connected to the hot air stove over the expert wiring provided by an electrician to provide a safe and comfortable control of the heating system.

EWI Therm reference Forton: large area filter wall

The large-area filter wall adjusted to the stove ensures dust absorption of 91 %.
Permanent dust circulation, which is caused, for example, by warm radiators, is excluded.
Practical replaceable frames allow an exchange of the filter mats within a few minutes, if necessary.

EWI Therm reference Forton: large area filter wall

Ideal installation at a glance

The correct 45° connection of flue tube to chimney as well as the proper wiring between switchgear and hot-air stove can be verified easily. Hot air and return air duct are routed via fire protection gate valves directly to the production rooms to be heated.

Forton Filterwand

Your hot air heating system can likewise be installed in such a compact and still effective way.
Just a few meters of hot-air lines, installed at the proper place, ensure uniform heating even in large production rooms.

EWI Therm reference Forton: Quick assembly in compliance with the local fire protection regulations

In compliance with the local fire protection regulations, the heating room is assembled quickly, harmonically fitting into the existed production building.

EWI Therm reference Forton: rationelle Beschickung

Effective and direct charging is ensured thanks to the straight access to the charging duct through the heating room door.

"In England, it was noted immediately
that this is "quality from Germany".
Despite the great distance,
EWI-THERM products are popular.
Only in "good old Germany",
people shy away from quality.
But after two or three years,
the cheap stove is "damaged"
and the money is gone."

EWI Therm reference Forton: Return air filter wall

The hot air duct is routed to the production rooms via the return air filter wall downstream of the fire protection gate valve.

EWI Therm reference Forton: blow-out louvers

Due to the blow-out louvers on the tube sides and ends, effective room heating is achieved in both directions.

EWI Therm reference Forton: Hot-air outlets

The extensions of the hot-air outlets that are arranged directly on the wall, allow easy heating of the second production hall in every corner.

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