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Warmluftofen Optimal-E VII

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Hot air heating- / Hot air stove type XXXXXX,
Heating performance: XXXXXXXXXX,

A stainless steel chimney ensures the
proper removal of flue gases.

The clean combustion guarantees compliance with the strict immission protection legislation.

By firing wood waste, the system will pay back even after a few heating periods.

EWI-Therm Warmluftofen Optimal-E VII

Readily installed on the floor plate in the heating room, the hot-air stove Optimal-E, Size VII, with 198 kW is waiting for use.

Thanks to the attached return air ducts (lower side) and hot air ducts (upper side), a quick and effective heating of the production rooms is achieved. Now, walls and roof are needed to complete the heating room. Then the robust and durable "cogeneration plant" will prove successful for many decades and confirm that you made correct purchasing decision.


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